Now that Colonial Battlefleet is out the door, we're coming back to a product a lot of you have been waiting patiently for.

When we released Rise of the Battleship as a pre-dread expansion for Clash of Dreadnoughts, we were blown away by how it flew off the virtual shelves!  Since that time we've had a lot of requests for more pre-dreadnought goodness, so we're happy to say it's now on the way.

Rise of the Battleship II will feature data cards for several new fleets (stay tuned to see which ones) so you can expand your pre-dread naval combat beyond the Russo-Japanese War.

What it will not feature, unfortunately, is special rules for the navies it contains.  The reason for this is because all our navy special rules are based on combat experience.  Unfortunately, there's virtually none to go on for this period outside the RJW.  So if anybody has suggestions for special rules for various fleets, let us know!

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