Naval Miniatures Retailers


Top Side Minis

These guys make top-down view counter-chits.  They are beautiful and very affordable.  They are a great way to build a collection if you don't want to spend a bunch of time and money collecting and painting miniatures.


A U.S. retailer that sells 1/2400 naval miniatures in resin.  They have a huge selection and cost only about 40% of the price of GHQ, but they are single piece and have far less detail.  However, they can paint up nicely and be perfectly suitable gaming pieces.

Again, a U.S. retailer.  A good source for 1/3000 scale miniatures.  This scale is a little cheaper than 1/2400 scale and has about the same level of detail as the Panzerschiffe (although smaller).  The smaller size can allow for larger battles with less need for table real-estate.
If pre-dreadnought gaming is your thing, you'll want to check these out.  Fairly expensive for 1/3000 scale ships, but they are sharp looking.
Here's a U.K. based retailer for our fans across the pond.  Great ships at incredible prices in 1/3000 scale with a huge selection.  Too good to be true?  It is. . . although the website looks decent, the ordering system is right out of the stone age.  Still, the hassle is worth it to some as the ships are very nice.  Not recommended for customers here in the states due to the 40% markup they charge for international shipping.
For the ultimate in affordable naval gaming, you can go the 1/6000 route.  Scale Creep Miniatures is based in Ohio and stocks 1/6000 scale ships from both WWI and WWII.